Games Index


Right down to the games, below are most of the game I have produced over the past few years using a programming language called Delphi I would love to know what you think of the games and how they could be improved.  If you have an idea for a game or are a good artists then please contact me


Big Games

-> Sub Game  = Can you beat the wolf pack? You control a lone destroyer and are up against a mighty submarine fleet, can you survive ?    
-> Interplanetary Trader  = The most advanced space trading game on the net! more options - more possibilities! just mind the HCI! Can you run an intergalactic trading empire? if so can you beat up to 5 of your friends?   
-> Cannon Ships  = A challenging puzzle game with a twist ! Does your ship have the range to knock out that pillbox or will you have to go around it? also features a level editor - make a level ? send it to me and it WILL go online!  


Small Games

-> Fish Shop  = built a few years ago for a sisters birthday, can you remember to feed your fish whilst they grow, can you afford the feed or will you have to sell some of your fish?  
-> Share Dealing  = A little game which is quite fun, you have two investment options home and foreign shares, foreign are more risky but give a better return - can you find the right balance?