Sub Game


-> Sub Game  = Can you beat the wolf pack? You control a lone destroyer and are up against a mighty submarine fleet, can you survive ?  


Developed over about a month between college and homework, graphics from a friend of mine (Pat Yates) This is the second version of the game featuring 2 new and harder enemy types, better graphics and a high scores system, I hope you enjoy this highly addictive little game.  If you have any ideas for version 3 then please contact me


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> Up to 250 enemies 

> Unlimited levels

> High score table

> Editable graphics using my Yemod system - you decide how the game looks and if you make it better then why not send me the updated version, look into the text files in the images folder




Sub Game - 514Kb - Full install-shield set-up (Recommended)


Sub Game V2 - 348Kb - Zipped version of the game (only for advanced users)


<<<<Screen Shots>>>>