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5/4/06 EEK a long time with no updates... i have several tools/games to put up after the exams... UNI is a lot of work :( anyway there's now a privacy policy on this site, courtesy of google ! 

I have finally gotten around to adding a save/load function to The Interplanetry Trader Game ! :) 700 lines of code or so ;) Enjoy !!!


There's been several updates to the site without update here ! anyway keeps growing! 

A new projects page is up and running here including the Alternative Cross Rhythms web cam gallery 


We Have a new section, check out the Nik'n'Mix Comix on the site now :)


A quick update, I have now updated the links menu. Downloads over the summer months were in excess of 5000 :) with over 33,000 hits


I have now moved web host to I have found their service to be excellent and would recommend them, although their bandwidth costs are quite high