EE E-mail killer


Hi All from Experts-Exchange, where you might know me as "DavidBirch2dotCom" and unless you have an IQ of less that 50 then you will have realised this is my website :) so feel free to look around. 




Been using this lump of code for a while now as it was, developed with the help of EE members I thought it might be useful to the community as a whole, so here it is!! 


Ever get fed up with have dozens of e-mails on the same thread when just one would do ? well now you can get rid of the unwanted ones at the click of a button




To use this code:

> create a folder named "Experts" as a sub folder within the "E-mails" folder which Outlook should have by default, or if as most of you are ;) you can just change the code for your needs

> Create a rule using the rule wizard to put all e-mails from EE into the folder you just created

> create a macro and stick the following code in it and your off :) be warned this code can take a minute or so to run if you have more than 100 items or so in the specified folder

> Sit back and relax while downloading and playing one of my games ;) 


DOWNLOAD - EEcode V1.txt - 3Kb


If this code helps you, then perhaps you could download one of my games ;)


If you can upgrade this code (before I get round to it) then Contact Me